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Based in Roseville, California, Lynch & Sons Pool Service, Inc. provides pool cleaning, maintenance, equipment repairs, installation, algae clean-ups and energy audits in the greater Sacramento area.
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“Have been a customer for many years now and never had an issue. Service has always been exceptional and the people are great to work with. Wouldn’t change a thing.”

LeAnn, Roseville

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“This pool service is great. The billing is an auto pay and I receive an itemized statement. Rich comes out each week and I can see just what he has done to the pool by reading the door hanger he leaves for me. It is effortless to come home to a sparkling clean pool and not give it another thought. Very convenient. I would highly recommend them!”

Erin, Loomis

100% of our customers indicated that Lynch & Sons Pool Service is better than other pool services they have used.

100% of our customers indicated that our pool service technicians show professionalism.

100% of our customers indicated that they would recommend other pool owners to switch to Lynch & Sons.

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“Our pool has never looked so good – best it’s looked in 28 years! Thanks for the excellent service – worth every dime!”

Peg & Joe (Sacramento)

“We have been using this pool service for a year now and just renewed. We are very happy with the service. They visit once a week to make your pool sparkling clean!”

Colleen, Granite Bay

“I’ve had Lynch and Sons take care of my pool ever since we had it installed 5 years ago. They have always provided a high-quality service with an exceptionally warm and friendly attitude at a fair price. Lynch and Sons has been extremely reliable… they do what they say they are going to do. Additionally, I have always appreciated the fact that they communicate with me after each service by leaving a door hanger behind that tells me exactly what was done on the service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pool service or to anyone wasting their time doing it themselves.”

Devyn, Roseville

“Have been a customer for many years now and never had an issue. Service has always been exceptional and the people are great to work with. Wouldn’t change a thing.”

LeAnn, Roseville

“Timely, friendly, on top of all my problems and you take care of them. You’re the best pool person I’ve had. You’re always on the day you say and very accommodating.”

Edith (Sacramento)

I have tried a few different pool cleaning companies and no one compares to the EXCELLENT Service that we get from LYNCH Pool Service. It starts from the Amazing Husband and Wife team that started the company. Judy is always so accommodating and very efficient. I love that they really care about their company as well as their customer satisfaction. Superb, would recommend to anyone who owns a pool!!!!

Kristen-David Orozco

If you are looking for a great pool service and have had bad experiences in the past then this is your place! Not only did they fix what the other guys messed up they have kept our pool in great shape! We literally don’t have to do anything just enjoy it! 

Merri Berri

When we contacted Lynch & Sons Pool Service a little over a year ago, our pool was only available for swimming just 2 months out of the year. But now my husband doesn’t have to worry about maintaining the pool and has time to do those other honey to do list things that he never had time for.

Bette Starr

One of the excellent pool service we ever had. They take care of their customers and very responsive. Every time they serve your pool, they leave a door hang to let us know it has been taken care of or any concerns they have. Awesome!

Cheryl Bella

“I called Lynch & Sons after our then pool “service” let our pool turn green. Roger came out, treated it and got it back to usable within a week. Since then, Roger comes like clockwork every Thursday. He completes a list of routine maintenance items without fail. He also recommends any repairs we might need to avoid problems. He patiently answers my questions and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Lynch & Sons!”

Margo Fowkes

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